Ikea targets space-poor hipsters
with PS 2014 collection

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News: Ikea has unveiled a limited-edition collection for 2014 aimed at a growing number of young, creative city-dwellers faced with small living spaces and uncertain rental terms (+ slideshow). 

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Wardrobe by French designer Matali Crasset

The 51-piece On the Move collection was inspired by research Ikea commissioned, which found that one in five urban dwellers now lives in a space smaller than 30 square metres.

Included are wardrobes created by French designer Matali Crasset, which have been made affordable for aspiring design collectors at just £100, a storage table by New York's Rich Brilliant Willing and a folding table by British-based designer Mathias Hahn.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Wall shelf by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa

"We were thinking about the needs of the young urban generations that often forgo space to follow their dreams in the big cities," said Gemma Arranz, interior design manager for Ikea UK and Ireland. "The collection is flexible, affordable, beautiful and can be easily moved within the home to maximise the smallest of spaces."

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Wall shelf by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa

Highlights include a shelf system that can be propped against a wall, influenced by designs from Japan where rental terms often forbid the attachment of more permanent fittings.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Bureau by Polish designers Krystian Kowalski, Pawel Jasiewicz and Maia Ganszyniec

Other products consist of a small angular bureau, an unusually narrow bench for tight hallways and modular wooden storage boxes with powder-coated metal frames.

A number of the objects are also multifunctional, such as a stool that can act as a light or a nightstand with a built in magazine rack and reading light.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Balancing bench by Swedish designer Henrik Preutz

Ikea has been producing limited PS ranges since 1994, targeting design-savvy shoppers who may otherwise be tiring of the brand's ubiquitous products.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Balancing bench by Swedish designer Henrik Preutz

The Ikea PS (Post Scriptum) 2014 collection On the Move will go on sale on 1 April.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Greenhouse plant holder by Swiss designer Nicolas Cortolezzis

Here's more information from Ikea:

Ikea launches design collection for people on the move 

PS 2014 collection designed to suit urban lifestyle

Ikea has launched its anticipated PS collection geared at smaller living spaces following research that shows one in five now live in a home smaller than 30m2 and nearly two thirds are based in a flat.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Bureau by Polish designers Krystian Kowalski, Pawel Jasiewicz and Maia Ganszniec

The global research found that two out of three people also admitted to needing to use every inch of their home in an efficient way and 50% choose their furniture based on how functional it is rather than the appearance.

15% of those surveyed also admitted to feeling that they don't know how long they can stay in their home for and nearly a third have moved more than twice in the last three years.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Wardrobe by French designer Matali Crasset

As a response to this growing trend of compact, changeable lifestyles in urban environments, Ikea invited young designers from around the globe to bring their local influences and insights into co-creating this year's PS collection On the Move, resulting in 51 flexible products tailored to urban living.

Including products made from bamboo and steel, the range is the most affordable PS offering to date, ranging from a miniature indoor greenhouse for the urban gardener by designer Nicolas Cortolezzis to a balancing bench by Henrik Preutz for the young at heart.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Corner cabinet by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa

Products such as the PS Wall Shelf use every space available, allowing unused corners to reach their maximum potential, while the PS Plant Stand brings the outdoors in while using minimum floor space.

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Side table with lighting by Polish designer Tomek Rygalik

Ikea launches the 8th PS collection since 1994 as an answer to the latest movements and trends in design and in life at home, combining form, function, quality, all at an affordable price.

The Ikea PS 2014 Collection On the Move is available in store from 1st April onwards – visit www.ikea.co.uk for more information. 

Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection
Hat and coat stand by Swedish designer Ebba Strandmark

*In January 2014 YouGov performed a survey on behalf of Ikea among people aged 18-60, living in cities in Sweden, UK, France, US, Poland, Japan, China and Qatar. In each country 1000 persons were included in the survey (except for Qatar where only 500 participated).

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  • http://www.twitter.com/tracetheshape Luke Neve

    Hmm, April 1st.

  • Tanuki

    Apart from that hideous and functionless wire wardrobe, how do any of those solve space issues? The rest use space like it’s going out of fashion…

  • guest

    Hmm OK I guess… none of them really evoke any reaction or feeling in me.

  • Wadi

    Young, creative city-dwellers = hipsters?
    It’s so hip to use the term hipster isn’t it? So, to all young creative people in a city: You are now all declared as HIPSTERS. If you want or not. (Incliuding all creative people at Dezeen. :)

    • Daniel Strawberryhill

      Hipster = young precarious worker.

  • Ivan

    I agree, word ‘hipster’ sounds too loud here.

    • haromaster

      File hipster with hater and fanboy as words which no longer have any meaning.

  • Croissant Terrible

    The strategy of Ikea is impeccable and rather smart: this is a way to differentiate its offer, getting more up-market clients, getting closer to the posh design world and, at the end of the day, making more money.

  • DaBronxY

    They should have designed mobile furniture that can be easily removed while still storing personal items inside. I would struggle with the current furntiure, just like the people carrying that furniture around in the promo video.

    • Businessgypsy

      Great insight, DaBronxY. Roll-around Steamer trunks that become functional furniture. Hell, bands do this every day, come to think of it. You’re on to something. Make it so!

  • beatrice

    Pretty boring collection… was going to say ugly but felt it too dramatic. The last PS range had much more going on – why have they gone so bland? It’s meant to invigorate the brand!

  • Pizzaface

    Whenever people see the name Ikea they feel like they have to be negative.

  • Lewis

    ‘Hipsters’ aside, I think this looks genuinely fresh, nicely proportioned, is good value for money and most importantly… pretty original.

  • shopaholic

    Each time I see a new limited edition collection by Ikea, I fall in love with it and I need to buy something! My only problem is that they’re doing a lot of limited editions lately.

  • Mr Walnut Grey

    Ugh. I can see this all over the blogosphere! It’s Ikea – it’s buy it cheap, buy it fast, throw it away, fill those landfills! Ikea encourages poor choices when purchasing design for the home and reinforces the belief that design is cheap and fast.

    • Linda

      Think you miss the point of Ikea. Ikea is for people on a lower budget who can’t afford to pay the astronomical prices of design houses but who don’t want the bog standard offered elsewhere.

  • Daniele P

    The shelves are just the Nesim re-revisitation of the Agape “stairs” (1996). Really nothing new or fresh. Neither is the bureau or the wardrobes – seen many times already. Ikea is loosing its original originality :(

  • http://socktail.com/ Nancy Patil

    Loved the design of the corner cabinet by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa.

  • Linda

    I thought they were quite well designed and quirky. Great for students or for those on a low budget. Couple of products I would buy, and I’m not on low budget.