Halfbike by Kolelinia lets riders
stand up while pedalling


Transportation start-up Kolelinia has created a vehicle that uses pedal power to transport riders around town while standing up, like a low-tech version of a Segway (+ movie).

Halfbike pedal-powered scooter resembles a low-tech Segway

The Halfbike by Kolelinia features pedals like a bicycle that the user balances on while holding on to a single waist-height handlebar in an upright stance.

The pedals are connected to a large front wheel by a chain that drives the Halfbike forward, while two smaller wheels at the back provide a stable base and a brake on the joystick-like handlebar is used to slow down.

Halfbike pedal-powered scooter resembles a low-tech Segway

The motion of pedalling results in an experience similar to low-impact running, while the upright riding position provides good visibility.

"Its combination of cycling and smooth assisted running provides a remarkably quick and fun way of urban travel," said the designers. "Its innovative rider position, at the same time both upright and higher, gives you a new perspective on the city."

Halfbike pedal-powered scooter resembles a low-tech Segway

The user steers the Halfbike by leaning to either side, which shifts the balance between the front wheel and the rear axle.

Kolelinia said the Halfbike was designed for commuting short distances and provides a compact alternative to a bicycle that is easy to carry or store.

Halfbike pedal-powered scooter resembles a low-tech Segway

"It is compact enough for an elevator, light enough to carry on stairs, and fits into spaces too small for a normal bicycle," the designers explained.

A handlebar made from plywood is fixed to the laser-cut aluminium frame, which is currently white but will eventually be available in six additional colours.

Halfbike pedal-powered scooter resembles a low-tech Segway

"We see the Halfbike as an alternative for people tired of sitting in traffic jams, which at the same time improves their experience of travel," the designers added.

Prices for the Halfbike start from $799. Kolelinia founders Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the first batch of production.

  • Bobhodg

    Why does this make me think of Mr Garrison’s “IT”?

  • James

    Looks great, I bet it would be hard work on the legs though, pedalling and standing.

    • Stephan

      Yes! And I wish the rider a good flight after hard braking

  • James

    Does it resemble a low-tech Segway by any chance?

    • Mattt

      Read the first paragraph of the article.

    • amsam

      No, it resembles a standing desk that’s used for transportation instead of working.

  • Omnicrom

    Waiting for the fixed gear version. But seriously, looks like great fun. Would love to try it out!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I suppose it’s too much trouble to understand that a bike is two-wheeled and this device has three. That would make it a halfhex.

    • amsam

      Not that it’s too much trouble to understand, just that not everyone is so terribly, terribly literal.

      • Concerned Citizen

        You mean, not everyone is so terribly, terribly concerned with communicating with other people.

        • amsam

          If you think “halfhex” is communicative, go for it!

    • Peter

      I believe the correct term would be a trike. Have a nice day.

      • Concerned Citizen

        Trike is the correct term, but it follows with the original name, Half bike, which would mean one wheel. I went with halfhex to make it three wheels.

  • James


  • ckana

    Cyclists know that pedalling while standing is really inefficient and is avoided almost all the time. But I would definitely try it and maybe it would prove me wrong. And anyway, the reason why people buy this is to be different from the others, and not for performance.

  • enam

    The bike shown on the last picture is different from the others. A different prototype?

    • Frank Peng

      I guess they are thinking about the weak point where the plywood meets the aluminium frame. Personally, I like the strengthening way.

  • aronmidn

    I’d like to see the Halfbike half price.

  • Robert Bowen

    Fun! But would it be too much to cantilever a seat off the tall bit?