Zaha Hadid reveals interiors
for ME Dubai Hotel


News: architect Zaha Hadid has designed the interior for a hotel inside her Opus development in Dubai, which will feature sculptural balconies and her installation for this year's London Design Festival (+ slideshow).

ME Dubai hotel atrium by Zaha Hadid
ME Dubai Hotel atrium

Zaha Hadid's ME Dubai hotel is part of the development by property company Omniyat, situated in the Burj Khalifa district beside the world's tallest building.

ME Dubai Atrium Podium
ME Dubai Hotel atrium

The London-based architect has designed both the exterior of the building and the hotel's interior, including the Michelin-star restaurants and bars set to open within the space.

ME Dubai Reception
ME Dubai Hotel reception area

The 100-room hotel will include four penthouses with double-height living areas, bespoke furniture and access to private roof terraces.

ME Dubai Vertical Cafe Upper Ground Floor
Podiums at the ME Dubai Hotel cafe

Other guest rooms will also be designed in Hadid's signature curvaceous style, with sculptural walls, angular beds and fluid surfaces.

ME Dubai Entrance
ME Dubai Hotel entrance

The reception area is located beneath a glazed void, which splits the 95-metre-tall building in two.

Opus Hotel Bedroom
ME Dubai Hotel penthouse suite

A metallic feature reaching up one side of an atrium adjacent to the reception branches out to create balconies from each floor, extending onto the lower level to provide seating areas and space for a cafe.

Standard Suite at the Opus
ME Dubai Hotel bedroom

Glass spheres suspended to create a giant artwork will also hang beneath the atrium's glazed roof.

The OPUS Hotel Bedroom
ME Dubai Hotel bedroom

An installation commissioned by ME by Meliá Hotels International and designed by Hadid will be relocated from London's V&A museum, where it is being installed for this year's London Design Festival in September, to the hotel's grounds before it opens in 2016.

Opus Hotel Bedroom
ME Dubai Hotel bedroom

The Crest structure features steps down to the water, creating swooping lines around the edge of the pool and a minimal asymmetric bridge curving over the water, linking the two sides.

ME Dubai Crest
The Crest installation for the V&A's John Madejski Garden

"We envisaged a piece that would emerge from the fountain at the centre of the pool," Hadid told Wallpaper magazine. "The metallic surface will reflect the sky on one side and the rippling water on the underside."

An aerial view render of the Crest installation at the V&A John Madejski Garden
The Crest installation for the V&A's John Madejski Garden from above

London Design Festival visitors will be able to view the piece at the V&A's John Madejski Garden from 13 to 21 September.

The Opus exterior by day
Opus development exterior

"Crest animates and engages with the V&A's courtyard and we're looking forward to seeing the installation inhabited and enjoyed by visitors," said Hadid.

The Opus exterior at night
Opus development exterior by night

Hadid has also designed a hotel with an exposed exoskeleton for Macau, set to open shortly after the ME Dubai.

  • Aaron Itodo

    The interiors have the concept of a space ship.

  • Love Zaha or hate Zaha?

    I think it’s fair to describe Zaha as the Marmite of architecture. I personally love the installation.

  • Eynak East

    This makes me want to vomit. More blobby than Gromit, but Gromit is charming, calming, a little disarming; this is just a face full of alarming.

    A space ship indeed, this is the worst of design creed – greedy and rich, just gabbing what they know, never stopping to think… maybe no?

    This is nowhere near KISS, keep it simple silly, you’re just designing into the abyss, what would Rem make of this?

  • jagobago

    Enough already.

  • Rap man

    Are you Tim Westwood in disguise?

    • Eynak East

      I aint Westwood touch wood, I could be the new man in the MTV hood. But I should warn ya, my rap games and grimes are more lethal than blizzle, I tell ya now I don’t even carry an umbrella in the drizzle.

      I’m that untouchable, the fourth in the film are dropping that 16 strong cast and having me to get that film selling fast. The Eynak East is a blast not from the past, but a fresh dawn, like a nicely cut lawn, sharp and lush, so don’t be hush about what you read, just let yourself feed on the Eynakian rhymes, it aint no…er…yeah, rap-a-tappy-tap-tap! Blap!

  • Earlier Zaha designs used to be sleek and seamless. This looks like some intern fiddling with Hadid’s Puerta America hotel interior.

  • Rojo99

    The Dubai hotel is absolutely horrible. It is just vulgar. Imagine having to check into that mess. Pond thing is not so bad though.

  • amsam

    I’m usually a defender of Zaha in this forum, but she and Dubai bring out the utter worst in each other. Agreed that the fountain is nice.

  • George

    Would like to hear more about how they haul their sewage and waste disposal from this wonderful design!

    • Dubai planning codes are strict in these matters. The computer-generated skins may easily hide a traditional grid column structure and standard service circulation.

  • Vicente Fictício Cruz

    Stupid “styling”. Design as usual =)

  • academic one

    Any of Zaha Hadid’s buildings are an engineer’s nightmare. I remember Chicago’s Helmut Jahn’s Illinois center and how the heating and cooling didn’t work. These structures have to be worse. As innovative as the architecture looks, they would be impossible if it weren’t for computers.

    • Louie

      I agree. I adore Zaha as a rule, but that hotel misses all her cleanses which we have come to love. The pond design is charming. The hotel looks like its a bad firm copying Zaha. I’m shocked they let that design leave the office. I’m definitely no Zaha hater FYI!

  • Gary Orr

    My first reaction to the hotel interior was that it looked like the “mother den” of the Queen Alien in one of the Alien movies. Scary! Do I like some of the work? Yes. Do I not like some? Yes. How do they build this stuff within a particular budget? That’s scary.

  • Mr Walnut Grey

    Think I’d want to hurl! Never been to Dubai, never want to go to Dubai and that design seems to epitomise the excesses of Dubai.

    • Stefano

      If you’ve never been and never want to go, how come you know about all the excesses in Dubai?

  • stuart

    The installation is actually quite nice. As for the hotel, no words.

  • Dragica Petrović

    So enchanting :D

  • alex

    Hadid again!

  • James Kelly

    Ugh, just stop!

  • James Kelly

    You people are why I hate so many designers. Bunch of pretentious, miserable snobs about her architecture just because it’s too luxurious and extravagant for you. I love the way her designs flow and are so glowing and pleasant and futuristic. It’s like something from an alien utopia. I’m glad Dezeen shows her wonderful work.