Note Design Studio rejects white in renovated Stockholm apartment


A brown cashmere coat, a pair of sand-coloured shoes and a piazza in Rome influenced Note Design Studio's renovation of this 1930s loft apartment in Sweden.

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

The renovation is the first residential project by the Stockholm studio, which is better known for its furniture and homeware design, including a range of chairs for Spanish brand Sancal, and a curved steel clothing rail.

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

Since its construction in the 1930s, Casa Ljungdahl had undergone multiple renovations.

"When it was our turn to renew the apartment our first step was to simplify everything we felt was too much, in terms of dimensions and materials," said Note Design Studio. "The task was to create a relaxed, soft environment and the main interior feature is a dark, low-lying base line that runs like a unifying horizon through the whole apartment."

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

Referencing images of a brown coat and some beige-coloured sports shoes, the studio opted for a soft colour palette.

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

"The images were our inspiration," Note's Susanna Wåhlin told Dezeen. "They are noticeable in the ambiance and the feel of the interior. The sandy tones are there, on the walls and some of the furniture."

"The mix between a cashmere coat and a pair of sneakers is there in the handsome, but still quite laid-back expression of the loft. The image of the plaza represents our search for a look that would stand the test of time," she added.

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

All walls and ceilings are painted in apricot pink and sandy beige tones, while storage units and kitchen work surfaces are a blue-grey colour.

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

"Nothing in the apartment is white as our client's wish was for us to design a homely, yet representable interior," said the designers. "We've aspired to reach a certain mood rather than a concept."

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

Furniture by the studio is used throughout the home, including a blue glass table for French company La Chance and POV candleholders for danish brand Menu.

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

Steep niches are filled with deep drawers and shelves, framing the rooms and giving a nod to the building's original architecture.

An existing fireplace made up of several blocks of concrete was left in place in the living area. A light-pink coloured staircase constructed from folded steel leads to a mezzanine level.

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

"The staircase is made of steel metal, and took quite some time to construct," said Wåhlin. "It looks simple and light but is in fact really complicated and heavy. It leads up to a small loft hovering above the dining area, and has the same pink tone as the walls and the ceiling, so as to look like it's floating lightly upwards."

Casa Ljungdahl by Note Design Studio

Although this is Note's first residential project, the studio has previously designed interiors for a restaurant in Stockholm and a store for shoe brand Camper in Malmö.

  • Maryv

    How lovely and serene. An ode to the eighties.

  • james

    For their registry, see below.

  • Guest

    They’ve consciously chosen magnolia in preference to white? Must have been feeling a bit nostalgic.

  • nick

    Where’s their oven, fridge, dishwasher etc? Or have they not put any “white goods” in the flat either?