David Chipperfield extends furniture range for e15 with minimal table and sideboard


Architect David Chipperfield has continued his foray into furniture design with a wooden coffee table and sideboard for German brand e15.

The pieces join a collection already launched by Chipperfield at Milan design week 2015, which included a table, bench and stool made from solid wooden planks.


The architect's Leighton coffee table follows a similar approach and is made from solid panels of wood. Its top rests on two slanted legs, joined by a central crossbar, and is available in walnut or oak.

The Drayton sideboard echoes the form of the table, also resting on a pair of angled legs made from solid planks. The piece comes in four different lengths.


Chipperfield's designs are part of a range of new pieces launched by e15, which includes a collection of stoneware based on traditional pottery from the Frankfurt region and a table with square legs designed by the brand's co-founder Philipp Mainzer.


In addition to his collaboration with e15, Chipperfield's furniture designs include a series of bronze and steel cabinets that referenced the forms of Ancient Greek architecture, which were displayed at London's David Gill Gallery earlier this year.


The British architect is currently involved in several building projects, including his first residential tower in New York, which is clad in speckled concrete panels, and the design of Stockholm's Nobel Center.


In 2015, he completed a pair of holiday villas overlooking Italy's largest lake and a single-storey house designed as a "large earthwork" that was named world's best new house by the UK's Architectural Review magazine.


The e15 collection will be exhibited at furniture show imm Cologne, which runs from 18 to 24 January 2016.

  • Sim

    E15 has – for the last couple of years – been my favourite contemporary furniture brand. Whenever I needed inspiration I would go to their website and browse around. The designs were modern, colourful, ethereal, beautiful and inspiring.

    I don’t know what exactly happened at E15, but these designs by Chipperfield are dreadful and a complete break with the style, abstraction and Modernism they had achieved in the collection that they had accumulated.

    The colour of the wood in these designs is dreadful. There is a lot to be said of the lack of functionality (no room for storage).

    I tried to ignore the table and bench Mr. Chipperfield had made earlier, and tried to classify it as a “faux pas”, but now that this seems to become a more permanent cooperation I have to say that E15 is – in my mind – making a dreadful (and probably very expensive) mistake. And it is breaking my heart.

    • reality

      Boo hoo. How about all those children in desperate need of clean drinking water throughout the world? I can see how a table can be heart and soul destroying.

      • Sim

        Making quality products, choosing quality products and caring about quality and beauty, even though these items might be expensive, is not the root of the real problem the world is facing.

        The real problem is people who don’t choose quality and who refurnish their house every three to four years with cheap furniture, throwing their old furniture away. Companies that battle to the bottom when it comes to paying the people who make their products (often clothes) not even paying living wage, that is at the root of the problem of children who have no clean drinking water.

        Choosing quality and durability in what we buy (in moderation) and paying the price for that so workers get decent pay that is an expression of taking responsibility for the needs and wants we all have without excessively overexerting the Earth’s resources or unnecessarily abusing the people who make these products.

        This is just one aspect of the multifaceted thing that life is. Just because we have love, care and concern for one aspect, does not automatically mean that the other aspects get no attention.

  • Reality take two

    We are on a design forum so let’s keep focus. Comments are meant to be about the subject at hand.

    • Guest

      When you’re of that particular disposition you have to signal that virtue wherever and whenever you can.

  • Phillip

    Sorry Dezeen but I think this concept is better executed in this design: http://www.phillipjividen.com/slant-table