Ineke Hans' Berit outdoor furniture slots together when not in use


Dutch designer Ineke Hans has created a collection of outdoor furniture, including a table and pair of benches that fit neatly together for storage (+ slideshow).

Berit by Ineke Hans

The pieces were first created for a private client, who commissioned Hans to design a collection of unobtrusive furniture for a private island within a nature reserve in the Netherlands. The products are also very similar to one of three ranges she produced for a remote artists' community on Canada's Fogo Island.

"A place like this needed a vernacular touch," said Hans, who also recently worked with furniture manufacturer Moome to release a beanbag-style armchair and footrest.

Berit by Ineke Hans

"I wanted to design something modest and refined, as if there was not much design to it," she added.

The range has now been developed into a full collection of tables, benches and loungers, all made from Accoya – a softwood product treated to make it resistant to rot.

Berit by Ineke Hans

Tabletops and seats are composed of several separate planks of wood laid alongside one another. These are designed to be the same width as the floorboards of the house belonging to Hans' original client.

The seating features A-shaped legs and is designed to fit directly beneath tables. Benches with backs can also be slotted underneath to line up with and extend the tabletop.

Berit by Ineke Hans

The collection also includes two sun loungers – one designed for a single inhabitant and a wider version to be shared between a pair.

Berit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and will be available in a range of widths and colours – as specified by the buyer.

Berit by Ineke Hans

Belgian duo Studio Job has also tackled outdoor furniture, using motifs from its archive to design "hyper-kitschy" cast-iron tables and chairs.

Other similar products include the Bouroullec brothers' range of slatted garden furniture for Hay and Vitra's Eames Wire Chair adapted for outdoor use.

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  • Hildebrand

    Wow, chairs and benches that fit under a table. Where have I seen that before?

  • guest

    Is this a joke? Seriously? Chairs that can fit underneath a table? That’s the selling point? Dezeen: The Daily Mail of design.

  • steph

    The designs are simple, clean, and elegant, but it’ not exactly a novel idea, is it? I mean, to commend benches for fitting under a table is sort of like applauding a pen cap for fitting onto its respective pen.

  • Doug Millar

    I’m not sure I see the significance of them being lobbed in a boat? They lack a certain elegance.

  • Guest

    Aeons ago I owned a round rosewood dining table with curved-backed chairs of the same radius that fitted together so perfectly they looked almost cylindrical. The stuff above simply doesn’t compare.

  • baddogrex

    There are so many interesting things. You are showing us benches that fit under table and call it design. Someone payed you for posting this? I can’t find any other explanation.