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"Young designers have no grasp
of design history"

"Young designers have no grasp of design history"

Dezeen and MINI World Tour: in our next movie recorded at the MINI Paceman Garage in Milan last month, MINI head of design Anders Warming discusses the design of the new MINI Paceman and design journalist and curator Kieran Long gives us his thoughts on how the current generation of designers compares to the great masters.  More »

Kieran Long angers Olympic Park
Legacy Company

Dezeen Wire:
architecture critic Kieran Long has written a damning summary of the Olympic Park Legacy Company's plans to regenerate the Olympic site following the games in 2012. In an article in the London Evening Standard Long states: "It seems the OPLC has no idea what the Olympic Park could be, apart from a leisure landscape for visitors and a recreation space for families."

Subsequently on Twitter he commented "OPLC 'not happy with the tone of my piece' in today's Evening Standard," before inviting readers to make up their own minds.

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