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Phurniture shows Morel’s Computational Chair

Design Miami update: Phurniture Art & Design in New York have sent us a couple of images of Philippe Morel's Computational Chair, which was shown at Design Miami.

The pixel-form, laminated wood chair is designed by a computer algorithm that generates thousands of potential shapes, from which the designer selects a limited number for production. An edition of 25 chairs has been produced.


The development process, which mixes advanced technology with craft techniques, is very similar to that used by architects Kram Weisshaar to develop their Breeding Tables, which were first shown in Milan in 2005.

The form of the Breeding Tables' steel legs were generated by computer; Kram Weisshaar then chose the most aesthetically pleasing and practical versions, which were hand-fabricated.

Philippe Morel is co-founder of Paris-based EZCT Architecture & Design Research.