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John Pawson on stage at Royal Opera House

John Pawson on stage at Royal Opera House

Architect John Pawson has sent us images of his minimalist set design for the world premiere of Chroma, a one-act ballet presented at the Royal Opera House, London, in November.


The ballet was choreographed by new Royal Ballet resident choreographer Wayne McGregor and featured music by the White Stripes, orchestrated by John Talbot.


Pawson's stage design consisted of a simple, articulated white backdrop with an illuminated rectangular void set into it.

Pawson describes the project as "a design for the stage which uses the architectural motifs of inside and outside, entrance and exit, light and shadow, void and plenitude to create a spatially charged environment, which is explored through the medium of the dancers’ bodies."


The photos shown here are copyright © photographer Richard Davies and used with his permission.

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