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Tokujin Yoshioka launches mobile phone

Tokujin Yoshioka launches mobile phone

Tokujin Yoshioka has launched his Media Skin mobile phone, designed for Japanese mobile brand KDDI.


The Media Skin is part of KDDI's ongoing AU Design Project series of phones, which has so far produced the classic Talby phone by Marc Newson and Infobar by Naoto Fukasawa (see dezeen's story on the new Infobar design here).

Yoshioka sent us the following statement on the product:

"I wanted to create a mobile phone that people would wonder why this had never existed. This is not a designer’s mobile phone; rather this is a mobile phone that is closer to art.

"Moreover, Media Skin is not created from the form but it is something people can feel with their bodies and souls, like contemporary art.

"How long each day are people in physical contact with their mobile phone? A mobile phone is used in our daily life and it is almost the closest product to us. I designed this Media Skin which is beyond an object and is perceived to become a part of ourselves.

"Media Skin is a new type of mobile phone, which assimilates with our body as smooth as a person’s second skin. It has the real texture, and the form contrasts beautifully with the user. Media Skin is beyond a product and it is “Media’s skin" providing rich experience with a new feeling and beautiful images like contemporary art."