Pedra Tosca Park by RCR Arquitectes

Barcelona-based photographer Hisao Suzuki has provided us with a beautiful set of images of Pedra Tosca Park by Catalan architects RCR Arquitectes.


The project, constructed of steel and rocks, creates an entrance and pathway to a protected area in the Garrotxa Volcano Park in Les Preses, near Olot in Catalunya, Spain.


Pedra Tosca is Catalan for "rough rock".


RCR Arquitectes, which is based in Olot, takes its name from the initials of founding partners Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramón Vilalta and is also referred to as Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes.


All photographs are copyright © Hisao Suzuki and used with his permission.


Below is a statement from the architects about the project:


"In the Garrotxa Volcano Park in Les Preses, near Olot, we encounter a very special spot, a sea of rocks resulting from the basalt defile of the Croscat Volcano and man's strenuous labors to win over a miserly bit of earth for cultivation by leveling and de-stoning the land and amassing all the rocks, stones and rubble into stout walls, burial mounds and huts.


"The morphological and tactile ruggedness of the spot captures the eye. The project attempts to foreground the singularity of this landscape and to stimulate the surprise factor in its discovery.


"A narrow broken line in steel enables you to cross the space, and at sporadic intervals the steel holds the protruding burial mounds in place. The zigzagging of the steel lines is counterposed to the rounded masses of rock and establishes "new clearings" here and there."