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More Campana Brothers at Albion Gallery

Here are more images of the Campana Brothers' new exhibition at Albion Gallery in London, plus click here to view a short movie we made yesterday of Fernando and Humberto Campana talking about the Cartoon chairs.


The chairs are upholstered in soft toys in the shape of Disney characters.


Disney asked the brothers to suggest ideas for a creative project as part of an ongoing series of commissions that has so far involved fashion designers Paul Smith and Dolce & Gabbana, among others.


Albion has also announced a major exhibition of the Campana Brothers' work at the gallery this summer (details below).


Photos are by Ed Reeve, as before. Below is a statement about the project:



The Cartoon Chairs, Albion Gallery, 27 February – 16 March 2007

The culmination of a collaborative project with Fernando and Humberto Campana, Disney, Phillips de Pury & Co. and the Albion has resulted in the development of an exclusive series of three chairs: The Cartoon Chairs.

This exclusive and limited edition of 25 chairs will be for sale and on view at the Albion. The chairs are a fresh and playful interpretation of the Campana’s Banquete Chair, 2004, composed of mixed plush toys (lions, dogs, alligators, etc.) which form unconventional upholstery.

The chair will be created from iconic plush Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Pluto, and will be shown within a comprehensive installation created by Disney muralists for the aptly entitled The Cartoon Chairs exhibition.

Disney is a company built upon innovation and artistic creativity, and in this tradition, they welcome collaboration with today’s innovators in art and design. The Cartoon Chairs evokes the storytelling and nostalgia of Disney through the eyes of two of the hottest trendsetters in urban design.

The chairs will be shown within a transformed gallery environment designed by Disney muralists, taking the idea of fun and playfulness beyond the chair and exploding, encompassing and playing with it, across the gallery walls, floor and ceiling.

The Campana Brothers use unexpected combinations of found materials to transform everyday or mundane objects into individual pieces influenced by their Brazilian spirit and energy. Further, they take nondescript objects and revitalise them with a new twist. The brothers wanted to create a physical representation of their childhood memories and this project allows for the physical manifestation of their memories of the cartoons that were an integral part of their childhood.

Phillips de Pury & Company’s collaboration is in keeping with the spirit of their selling exhibitions to promote the most cutting-edge work being done today by the world’s best contemporary designers.

This unique launch will precede a large signature installation and exhibition of the Campanas’ unseen Trans-Plastic series at the Albion which opens June 5, 2007. In this exhibition, the Campanas have been invited to transform the gallery space with a floor-to-ceiling installation, around and inspired by the works in the Trans-Plastic series. Trans-Plastic transforms everyday plastic objects with woven rattan.

The fine craftsmanship in the marriage of these materials creates exquisite objects for everyday use. The brothers will be available in February for interviews and images are currently available of the Trans-Plastic series.