Four reasons why we're smiling today

We’re celebrating at dezeen, for several reasons. First, because we’ve been named as one of the ten most popular architecture blogs in the world by

We’re placed at number six in their Most Popular Blogs (MoPo 2007) ranking. And eikongraphia says: “The expectation is that Dezeen will be convincingly the Most Popular Blog at the MoPo 2008 chart, considering its growth and the popularity of gadget and art blogs."

Eikongraphia calculates the list by looking at “linking blogs (Technorati), subscribers (Bloglines), and hits (Google, and Google Images)". Thanks Eikongraphia!

Our second reason for celebrating is because dezeen’s traffic doubled in March compared to the previous month, with 161,700 unique visitors - an average of over 5,200 per day (source: Total page loads during March were 236,409 and returning visitors 20,468.


However the figures are distorted by the unbelievable popularity of our Cape Town condom story, which accounted for about a third of all traffic during March. So we're braced for a slight dip in April...

Third, because we’ve just broken into the top 7,000 of all blogs on technorati – we’re now the 6,999th most popular blogs in the entire world! Yay!

And fourth, because esteemed print magazine Architectural Review has given dezeen a very flattering write-up in its latest issue (April 2007). Reviewer Sutherland Lyall says: “It’s pretty good (really)… there is a good architecture section and I have signed up for the regular feed."

(NB Lyall was more effusive when we bumped into him last week, saying he thought dezeen was "great". Mind you, it was late and we'd all had a few drinks.)

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