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Transport strikes in Milan

Milan update: there are a number of threatened transport strikes that could affect visitors to the furniture fair in Milan this week.

WorldTravelWatch reports that Alitalia ground staff, national air traffic controllers, Milanese taxi drivers and Milanese public transport staff all plan separate strikes for periods during the week.

According to the site, strikes that may affect air travel to and from Milan are:

  • Alitalia ground personnel 24-hour nationwide strike on April 18
  • nationwide air traffic controllers’ strike from noon to 4pm on April 23

Strikes that could disrupt surface transport in Milan are:

  • taxi drivers’ strike in Milan from 2pm to 6pm on April 17
  • public transit workers’ strike in Milan from 8.45am-3pm and 6pm-7.45 pm on April 20

There are also further isolated strike threats to individual airlines, airports and the rail network. See WorldTravelWatch for more details.