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Swarovski Crystal Palacae 3

Swarovski Crystal Palace 3

Live from Milan: Here's our third and final installation of chandeliers from the Swarovski Crystal Palace exhibition.


Pandora by FredriksonStallard features crystals on servo-controlled wires, which move up and down to repeatedly create and then destroy the form of a traditional chandelier.

Like all the Swarovski lights, Pandora has been engineered by our good friend Moritz Waldemeyer.

Here is a project description from Swarovski:


Pandora by FredriksonStallard

In reinterpreting the classic chandelier, Fredrikson Stallard decided to literally explode it. With Pandora, the form of the chandelier is constantly destroyed and recreated through movement which is generated by computer-controlled servo motors.

The 1,990 Swarovski crystals are initially suspended in the form of a recognizable chandelier, before slowly erupting into controlled chaos. Movement is an integral part of the chandelier, maximizing the reflective and refractive qualities of the crystal. Through the ever-changing permutation of the Swarovski crystals a theatrical relationship is established between the piece and the viewer.


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