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Wanders and Laarman for Flos

Milan update: Flos was the highlight of the Euroluce lighting fair in Milan last month, but we have only just received these images of new products by Marcel Wanders (above) and Joris Laarman (below).


The Skygarden suspension light by Wanders consists of a dome-shaped shade that is plain on the outside but richly decorated with bas relief inside (below).


Nebula by Laarman features radiating cones of white glass (below).


The designers' statements below are borrowed from Stylepark:


Marcel Wanders:

"In my former house I had a fabulous antique decorated plaster ceiling. I called it my Skygarden, it always looked good even without me having green fingers or taking care of it very well. It didn`t need water or sun but would live only on the warm rays of the electrical light under it.


"I loved it so much that by the time I moved houses I could not leave it. I had to find a way to take it to my new home. I took my tools and stole it from the ceiling. This fabulous pieces of history is now secretly hidden in a minimalist architecturel sphere in the hearth of my new home where I can enjoy it with friend."

"If you tell no-one, I can share it with you."

Joris Laarman:

"This constellation of lampshades arose while playing and composing with many different sizes. I was struck by the strong image that appeared when I just combined them as a bunch. They emitted from a core like an explosion of light, like star in the sky.

"By combining these well recognizable shapes they form a chandelier-like suspension lamp making something very elegant from the ordinary. They are composed with care but still random leaving it a lively nebula hanging from ceiling".