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Lovegrove and Colani at the Design Museum

The Design Museum in London has sent through some photos of designers Luigi Colani (above) and Ross Lovegrove (below) in conversation during the special late-opening Design Overtime: Colani Night that took place on Friday 8 June.


The evening was coincided with the final weekend of the museum's Colani exhibition.


Colani is an industrial designer who pioneered the use of organic, or "biodynamic" forms for products such as cars and aeroplanes during the second half of the twentieth century. Lovegrove's work follows a similar style.


Michael Czerwinski, the Design Museum's public programme co-ordinator, has provided a short write-up of the talk:

"Lovegrove has cited Colani as a major influence, while Colani sees Lovegrove as someone who will champion his passion for biodesign in the future. The event was conducted as a lively interaction, Lovegrove showing images representing different aspects of Colani’s work and achievement, with Colani then having the opportunity to comment and respond.


"This energetic double act was made all the more dynamic by both of them taking it in turns to illustrate their concepts and ideas on giant 2m square sheets of paper hung along side the projected images of Colani’s work. Though non linear in it’s structure and often humorous in it’s tone, the talk was an insight into the complex utopian visions these two designers share.


"The talk was part of a larger event that night. The museum was kept open to the public till 10pm with activities, workshops, and performance that included the Actionettes doing a synchronised dance routine. At the start of the evening the audience was confronted by the spectacle of 11 dancing space women."