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Golden Time Cupboard by Lola Lely

New Designers 07: Golden Time Cupboard is designed for primary schools and contains nine storage boxes for toys and games that can be removed for the "golden time" play hour at the end of the day.


Designed by graduate Lola Lely, the piece was exhibited at the New Designers showcase in London in June.


Here is some text from Lely:


Golden Time Cupboard


The Golden Time Cupboard is a new concept in primary classroom furniture, taking its name from the time at the end of the school day allocated for play.

Nine storage boxes hold different toys and games to be distributed at ‘Golden Time’. These boxes add a sense of mystery and magic to the cupboard, whilst keeping the contents ordered and accessible. The boxes give the pupils the possibility of exercising their power of choice, accrued by good behaviour throughout the day.


The cupboard challenges traditional notions of ownership in the classroom, reducing the perceived gap between pupil and teacher. The doors are comprised of pigeonholes that are used to showcase pupils’ work and objects relevant to topics and projects in progress. This space is also storage for mundane school resources in an open and visual way that encourages ownership and accountability for pupils and lenders.

The cupboard is interactive and playful, resolutely non-institutional yet functional and hardworking. It is constructed from birch ply and solid maple in a flat pack design. It is light and economical, yet has a bespoke feel missing from current classroom furniture.

The Golden Time Cupboard is a step forward in classroom furniture design, its innovative features developed with the modern classroom in mind.