Isle Lounge (small) by Asobi

Slovenian design brand Asobi has put a smaller version of its giant Isle Lounge sofa into production.


The new version is a mere 4.5m long compared to the 5.4m long original.


Below is some info from Asobi:


The isle lounge sofa 
is an extraordinary and completely unique piece of furniture.
It was developed in summer of 2005 as part of the 
products for zero gravity project that asobi did in cooperation with Slovenian Space Agency, an association of scientists and artists with interests in space technology and exploration.

The product was launched in london during the annual London Design Festival in september 2005 and immediately drew a lot of interest from the public and the media all over the world.

Isle lounge is now a fully commercialized product available in two sizes. it is also available as an indoor or an outdoor version.

Isle lounge can be used in: private villa, loft, hotel lobby, office lobby, bar, lounge, meeting areas, offices, airports, large indoor public spaces, outdoor and in any other creative environment you can imagine.


dimensions: w540cm x d300cm x h170cm
minimum opening required: w270 x h200 cm 
(minimum diagonal: 330cm when legs are detached)
weight: 200kg


dimensions: w450cm x d250cm x h110cm
minimum opening required: w195 x h195 cm 
(minimum diagonal: 270 cm when legs are detached)
weight: 150kg

Material: glossy lacquered carbon epoxy sandwich
textiles by Hybirds+Fusion tm.
 Different upholstering materials possible at special request.
 Shell available in any color at special request