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Apparitions by Matali Crasset, Mathias Gaillaguet and Michel Bulteau

Designer Matali Crasset, painter Mathias Gaillaguet and poet Michel Bulteau have collaborated on a publication called Apparitions.


The book stems from a project Crasset and Gaillaguet worked on last month to create an interior at the Première Vision textiles fair in Paris.


Press release from Première Vision follows:

Matali Crasset, Mathias Gaillaguet, Michel Bulteau: fertile artistic collaborations under the aegis of Première Vision

Première Vision exhibitors and visitors are well acquainted with Matali Crasset. For several years now, this internationally renowned artist and designer has put her talents at the service of textile creativity by designing colourful, joyful and inventive displays for the forums and various salon areas.


For the September 2007 session, she invited artist Mathias Gaillaguet to work with her on the Indigo Meeting Area (above and below). This first-ever collaboration gave birth to the «Apparitions» project. The area, with a display by Matali Crasset, showcases the artworks of Mathias Gaillaguet along with the creations of the Indigo exhibitors. It is organised around an imaginative world of symbolic encounters.


The resulting dream-like world, straight out of fairy tales and myths, provides a bold new take on the urban-inspired drawings and paintings by Mathias Gaillaguet.


Echoing this collaborative effort, other works by Mathias Gaillaguet are on display in the mezzanine of hall 6, near the entrances, as well as in the Guest and Creative Area.

Prolonging and broadening this encounter, a collectible book, Apparitions, has been published, presenting reproductions of the paintings, drawings and sketches created for the event by Mathias Gaillaguet. The book includes an essay inspired by the artist’s creations by the poet Michel Bulteau.

An alliance of three exceptional artists, this very limited-edition publication is on sale at the salon. From the beginning, Première Vision has been an event marked by the utmost creativity, and not only that of textile and fashion. Each session, the salon strives to open itself to other creative fields, to demonstrate the richness of the connecting pathways between different creative universes.

In September 2007, by inciting the encounter between Matali Crasset, Mathias Gaillaguet, Michel Bulteau and the exhibitors in its events, Première Vision underlines and encourages the expression of fertile collaborations between design, set displays, artist expression, writing and fashion.