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Theme & Variations by Julien Carretero

Here's another project from the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show, which opened on Saturday during Dutch Design Week.


Theme & Variation by Julien Carretero involves casting an inch-thick hollow form in polyurethane foam and then using this to create another mould for the next piece. The errors that occur while casting the flexible material lead to mutations which, when the castings are joined together, create strange, morphing forms.


Here's how Carretero explains it:


Julien Carretero

Julien Carretero graduated in June 2007 from the IM Master course “conceptuel design in context”, at the Design Academy Eindhoven, under the direction of Gijs Bakker (Droog Design). His thesis entitled Theme & Variations explored the border between uniqueness and serial production. Fascinated by the link between contexts, processes and mediums, his designs aims at creating surprises, and, rather than marketing beauty his vision focuses more on encouraging curiosity.


Thesis : “Theme & Variations” (2007)

Theme and variations is a metaphor for a new view on production. It deals with creating a real and recognizable uniqueness within serial production. By making different a single piece of a whole, the variation is changing the whole itself. Based on seriality and difference, it is the art of creating a whole from a single core.


Instead of leaving randomness manage the differences in the serial production, Julien Carretero created a method that uses the repetitive actions existing within the production process as a tool that brings the differences. Then each piece produced comes as the result of a process applied on the piece that came before. Each piece is then existing because of the others and couldn’t have been designed without the others. Each piece is becoming a chapter of a same story.