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Concrete Ring Series by 22designstudio

Tokyo design week: Taiwanese designers 22designstudio presented their Concrete Ring Series at designboom mart tokyo 2007, part of 100% Design Tokyo last week.

The rings are made of cement and stainless steel. Here's some info from 22designstudio, including descriptions of three of the rings:


22designstudio was founded by several young designers who just graduated in 2005 from the Industrial Design Department of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.

In 2006, 22designstudio created a series of rings which were inspired by architecture and urban life. The main materials of the rings are cement and stainless steel. The concepts involved include many issues such as environment, texture, values, and human behaviour.

Aperture (above)

What makes a ring truly valuable? The precious stone centered within? Or is it something else? An empty space, wittingly left by the designer, piques the curiosity and contemplation of the person wearing the ring.

Rock (above)

Focusing on the interplay between shadow and light, a person wearing this ring can sense the intermingling effects of light and texture, as well as enhancing the versatility and richness of cement as a medium.

7days (above)

The seven sides of this ring represents the seven days of our week, infusing the designer's reflections on daily life into this seven-sided ring. Turning the sides on and on echoes our turning of the time of day after day, deeply experiencing and truly living each moment of every day.