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Arche Toys by Floris Hovers

Dutch Design Week: Floris Hovers presented a range of handmade metal toy vehicles called Arche Toys during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven last month.

Hovers is looking for a maufacturer for the range, which he makes from steel extrusions. Below is a statement about the project from Hovers:


“Arche Toys” is of a collection of metal model cars, which are designed and produced by the industrial designer Floris Hovers. The idea developed from a design commission which Floris has put upon himself in order to find the answer to an important question keeping him occupied: Why do grown-ups still have the desire to play with toys?

It is an inner search towards the balance between work and play. A search for recognizable forms and colours used for designing motor vehicles. This concept has been translated in the design of the archetypical cars of Arche Toys. This thought behind the design indicates that, though typified as toys, these vehicles are meant to express far more than just childrens toys. To be played with, but not necessarily children.

What started as a desire to create one’s own model car, became a serious design project. Throughout the creative brainstorming Floris discovered that this process was about much more than just designing. Different aspects were highlighted, such as: emotion, recognition, sentimental feelings of the past, the graphical design showing the essential importance form and colour really are to a successful design. Also the fact that vehicles start to visually unfold when drawn in 2D on paper.

Looking at the timelessness of the designs, you could argue no period or decade that can be put on these designs, though there is an underlying sentiment towards past times.

The initial collection of the models cars has been steadily built up with ideas emerging from observing brands such as Dinky Toys, Siku, LEGO etc. In a way, Floris has made a start with a collection that will evolve and expand further in time with new designs to come.

The "Arche Toys" are made of steel cylinder profiles and the wheels made of wheel bearings. Each individual toy is handmade in his design studio, from concept drawing to the finished product. Up to now, these model cars can be ordered online only.

Floris Hovers has also been actively producing his own furniture designs, of which several pieces were on display at renowned design shows in Milan and New York. Again, pieces created in his own work place, hoping to find a future cooperation with manufacturers who are willing to put his designs on the market.

Posted by Rose Etherington