The Traffic of Clouds by Hackenbroich Architekten

The Traffic of Clouds, an installation by Hackenbroich Architekten, was at Program Gallery in Berlin from September to October.

The project was created in collaboration with Berlin-based Norwegian artist Jan Christensen.

The following text is from Wilfried Hackenbroich:


“The Traffic of Clouds” is an architectural installation at the Program Gallery, Berlin in collaboration with Jan Cristensen

The Traffic of Clouds was a large scale site-specific installation developed by Hackenbroich Architekten in collaboration with Jan Christensen. The large wooden construction was woven together and worked without any connection elements; the pure tension of the wood created a stable structural system.

This wooden construction spread between rooms and reached towards the ceiling. It provided new possibilities how to use space and disrupted the logic of PROGRAM’s functions: the installation dissolved the boundaries between exhibition space and office, transformed the gallery space into a working area, and vice versa.

Filling up the entire room, the structure’s role was also blurred - at once the installation object, the walking surface, and the room. The structure provided sitting areas and work surfaces. Those working in PROGRAM’s office were invited to use the structure as an office throughout the duration of the exhibition. Wi-fi use was also available for visitors during the exhibition hours.

The DIY- Package offered the possibility to explore the material structure of the installation in a small scale. A part of the installation which consisted of 1350 wood elements could be re-build by the 100 wood sticks in a 1:20 scale. The structural logic was based on weaving the elements together and the individual members stabilise each other to form one structural system.