Corner Bin by Kitman Keung

Hong Kong industrial designer Kitman Keung has designed a waste bin that fits in corners in small apartments.

The product, called Corner Bin, was created for Hong Kong lifestyle store G.O.D.

Here is some info from Kitman Keung:


About Product
A waste bin with a triangular shape is designed to occupy corners of tiny spaces in Hong Kong city. Made of polyethylene with glass fibre added, the lightweight object is resistant to heat and sunlight, suitable for outdoor use. Available in a cheerful range of colours: white, black, red, pink, lime green and sky blue. Dimensions (w x h x d): 40 x 45 x 36cm. Price $6.99.

Name: Corner Bin
Manufacturer: G.O.D
Design: Kitman Keung

About Brand
G.O.D. is the phonetic sound of the Cantonese slang "to live better”, the brand intends to capitalize on this phenomenon by providing an eastern derived lifestyle concept, as an alternative to the established Western way of living. To Define a New Asian Identity Asia's climate, diet, space and culture are different from the west, why shouldn't Asians live differently? The exciting challenge for today's Asian designers is to define a new identity for their community. There are 5 stores throughout the Hong Kong city.

About Designer
Kitman Keung was born in Hong Kong. At the age of 14, he relocated to Canada where received formal education in design. Shortly after graduation in Canada, Kitman moved to San Francisco to take part in an Ecological Architecture research study, upon completion he moved to Milan in Italy.

During his time in Milan, Kitman was accepted to the Domus Academy where he received his Masters Degree in Design. Since 2003, Kitman began work on diverse projects in various areas of the design industry such as electronic and furniture products as well as interior projects and branding. His latest works have been widely exhibited and distributed in Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, UK, Italy and the USA.