Design With Conscience at Vivid Gallery

Design w/ Conscience: Re-Imagining the Workshop, which opened at the Vivid Gallery in Rotterdam this week, features products designed by leading designers and manufactured by artisans in the developing world.

The products have been developed by American brand Artecnica for its Design With Conscience range, and include designs by Hella Jongerius, the Campana Brothers, Stephen Burks, and Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden.

Above: Transneomatic by Estudio Campana (made in Vietnam from salvaged tyres and woven rattan)

Above: TranSglass by Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje (made from used glass bottles)

Above: Beads and Pieces by Hella Jongerius (featuring Peruvian ceramics and beadwork)

Above, in foreground: Tatu table, coffee table and stools by Stephen Burks (made by wire crafters in South Africa). Above, in background: Come Rain Come Shine light by Tord Boontje (made at a crafts co-operative in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The following information is from Artecnica's website:


Artecnica’s Design With Conscience campaign infuses social and environmental responsibility into design. Artecnica promotes, directs, and sponsors collaborative exchanges between leading designers and artisan communities to create meaningful design that challenges people to adopt a deeper, more sensitive way of thinking about objects.

Design With Conscience projects employ production methods that are human and environmentally friendly. We denounce child labour, promote safe, toxic-free environments, and use purchasing criteria that prevent labour and environmental exploitation. Our vision is to promote self-sustaining communities of skilled artisans in underdeveloped countries.

Design can be used to advance living standards worldwide. Through design with conscience, Artecnica hopes to inspire others, promote global awareness, and help generate a better and more humane world.


Posted by Rose Etherington