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Fragiles at Design Miami

Design Miami 07: Fragiles is an exhibition of over 50 contemporary ceramic and glass objects, on show at Design Miami from 6-9 December.

Organised and curated by Die Gestalten Verlag, the exhibition will feature work by many designers - including Maxim Velcovsky (top), Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden (above) and Malin Lundmark (below) - plus some specially commissioned pieces. Dezeen is online media partner for the exhibition.

Here is a short explanation of the exhibition from Die Gestalten Verlag (there is more info on their website) followed by images of many of the exhibits:


Fragiles by Die Gestalten at Design Miami
December 6 – 9, 2007

Fragiles is an eclectic collection of contemporary porcelain, ceramic and glass objects by a new wave of designers who are manifesting their creative visions out of fragile materials. Fragiles presents over fifty innovative objects that expand and challenge our notion of these classical materials and centuries of tradition by simultaneously exploring a new aesthetic approach and technological boundaries. From experimental and avant-garde to evocative retro-inspired reinterpretations, these cutting-edge examples indicate how visual culture and high tech production processes are influencing and reshaping this delicate territory in pioneering ways.

Jaime Hayón
Organic Michelin Black Vase, 2007
Produced by Bisazza

Jaime Hayón
Antenahat Vase, 2007
Produced by Bisazza

Marcel Wanders
One Minute Delft Blue Vase Longneck, 2007

Marcel Wanders
One Minute Delft Blue Vase, 2007

Charles Krafft
Provencal AK-47

Charles Krafft
Sal Mineo Bunny

Hans van Bentem

Hans van Bentem
Glass Puppet

Jerszy Seymour
Ken Kuts: Smash Collection, 2001
Produced Murano

Jason Miller
Superordinate Antler Chandelier, 2003

Wendy Walgate
Ahimsa Trophy Yellow, 2005

Sebastian Menschhorn
Flowers of Life Collection, 2007
(Includes: pug, pug sitting, hare, panther, tiger, elephant, hippopotamus, cardinal, shrike, canary, mouse)

George J. Sowden
Evesham: White, 2007
Produced by Industreal

Alessandro Mendini
Faccette, 2007
Produced by Industreal

Sarah Cihat
Crystal Bowl with Chain, 2006

Sarah Cihat
Black Wolf with Gold Tooth, 2006

Jurgen Bey
Broken Family, 1999

Shock Proof Collection: Ikea Small Black Vase, 2007

Guillaume Delvigne & Ionna Vautrin
Panier Percé: Ratatouille, 2007
Produced by Industreal

Hella Jongerius
Beads & Pieces, 2006
Produced by Artecnica Inc. from Design with Conscience Collection

Malin Lundmark
Teacup lamp, 2003

Malin Lundmark
Teacup lamp, 2003

Louise Hindsgavl
New State of Graces, 2007

Lola Goldstein
Tea pot, 2007

Maxim Velcovsky
Little Joseph, 2006

Maxim Velcovsky
Blue Onion Collection: Ornament & Crime, 2001

Commonwealth & Joshua Davis
Ribotropism Vase no. 14/21, 2007

Scott Rench
Interactive Ceramics, 2007

Stephen Burks
Missoni Patwork Vase: Small, 2007

Ineke Hans
Coffee Set, 2002
(1 pot, 4 cups, 4 plates, 1 biscuit box)

Jakob Berdych
Glass Onion, 2007

Emma Woffenden & Tord Boontje
Stem Vase, 2007

Christie Wright
Ceramic Cell Phone: Geisha Model, 2004

Mimi Joung
Imperial, 2007

o-d-a / Jutamas Buranajade & Piti Amraranga
Big Bowl Small, 2006

Megan Bogonovich
Suburban Front Lawn Proposal, 2006