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Aeroscraft ML866

Aeroscraft ML866 is a proposed new type of airborne vehicle that combines buoyancy (as in an airship) with dynamic lift (as in an aeroplane or helicopter).

Designed by airship manufacturer Aeros and unveiled in October, the Aeroscraft promises to take off and land vertically - meaning it will not require an airport - and can hover. It will be able to travel up to 222kph and have a range of 5,000km.

The craft, described as a "bouyancy assisted air vehicle," can be configured for passenger, private or cargo uses.

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Here is some text from the manufacturer:


A new paradigm in air transport is born with the advent of the Aeroscraft - an aircraft that utilizes adjustable buoyant and dynamic lift, creating unique capabilities beyond what is available from any other air platform today.

The Aeroscraft is designed and built on the basis of a new concept in flight. This remarkable idea grew out of the belief that there is a more comfortable way to fly than simply applying a luxury upgrade to an existing airframe and re-naming it.

The capabilities of the Aeroscraft lead to its unique functionality. Use the Aeroscraft as a private sky yacht, traveling beyond the ocean, or as a fully functional business office and conference center. The luxury appointment options are endless, limited only by your imagination. The Aeros design team will help translate your dreams into an airborne reality.