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Paper Vases by Studio Libertiny

Design Miami 07: Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny of Studio Libertiny presented a project called Paper Vases at Design Miami last week, which involved laminating 700 sheets of paper into a solid block and then turning this into a vase on a lathe.

Each sheet of paper is printed with an identical image of a tree, creating an ghostly tree pattern on the surface of the vases.

The project explores how paper - a product made from trees - can be returned to its original state and carved as if it were wood.

The vases are produced in a limited edition of ten sets of five vases.

The sheets of paper are glued with wood glue and left in a hydraulic press to dry.

These photos show how the vases are made.

Libertiny also designed the Honeycomb Vases, which are made by bees inside a hive.

Update: see our movie of this project at Design Miami