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Stick Chair by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux of Tokyo-based Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture & Design has sent new photos of Stick Chair, a prototype she exhibited at 100% Design Tokyo last month.

The chair features seven oblique wooden rods embedded in a block of acrylic.

Here's Moureaux's explanation:


stick chair

Prototype exhibited during the 100% Design Tokyo 2007 show to finally embody the long-thought idea. The inspiration of "stick chair" came from the "mikado", a pick-up sticks game originating in Europe.

A total of 7 thin round wooden sticks (φ18), placed obliquely support the heavy chunk of acrylic seat at the perfect balance. This architecture like structure was developed after many attempts to achieve an "unbalanced balance," which stabilizes the structure although looks unstable by coming closer to the structural limit.

Due to its beautiful refraction effects, those sticks appear as if they are soaked underwater.