Reborn by Being Object

Reborn is the name of a bath and water faucet developed by Chinese designers Being Object.


"Being Object is a design house based in Shanghai, we just finished a product concept named Reborn, and now are preparing prototypes," says Reamon Yu of Being Object.


The following text is from Being Object:



Concept: Reborn is a set of bathtub and water faucet designs. The core idea of the project is to regenerate the existing bathtubs and water faucets by refreshing the shapes and finishes. The shape of bathtub was inspired from beans. Here are the connections: Beans are the seeds of new lives, and water can clean our bodies and refresh our minds, a man soaks in a bathtub just like a fetus gestates in a womb. The design of the water faucet was applied with human consciousness (Without –thought-idea), every person can easily use the faucets. The length of the bathtub: 1800mm


Posted by Rose Etherington