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Techtile exhibition design by Nosigner

Japanese designer Nosigner created the space for an exhibition called Techtile at the University of Tokyo last November.

We'll let Nosigner explain it:


Nosigner designed the space design for TECHTILE exhibition at the university of Tokyo.

TECHTILE exhibition mainly staged by 2 researchers of the university, Yasuaki Kakehi, Masashi Nakatani and nosigner. The exhibition focuses at integration of tactile design & latest tactile technology. Nosigner designed visual identities & space design.

Here is the description for the space design.

I was wondering about the primordial tactile experience
before I designed the space.

And finally, I realized the thermal sensing like touching ice
is one of the most primitive tactile experience.

In this exhibition design, I tried to make the space
where recall the memory of tactual sensation of ice.

'Tacticicle' is the trial to make huge icicle made from food wrap film.
Huge icicle tubes are made from food wrap film more than 10000m.

You can feel as if your own body get iced in the space.