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The Catch by Julia Lohmann

The Catch is an installation made of empty fish boxes by designer Julia Lohmann.

The project, a comment on over-fishing, was shown in Sapporo, Japan, last month.

The installation was produced during Lohmann's three month residency with S-AIR at the ICC in Sapporo.

Here's some info from Lohmann:


The Catch confronts viewers with a vast empty ocean, depleted by over-fishing and our unthinking consumption of marine life.

Visitors are swept up in towering waves made of used empty fish boxes taken from Sapporo’s fish market.

Unwittingly, they find themselves drifting into its womb-like core.

Far from comforting however, the small sanctuary at the centre of the installation is bare; its walls lined with empty roe boxes are more akin to those of a church that has been raided by iconoclasts.

The Catch is modeled on an Almadraba, a Mediterranean tuna trap now obsolete due to lack of tuna. It is inspired by Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market.

The installation probes our fatal beliefs in endless supplies of marine life, in inflated fishing quotas and unreliable scientific research.