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Lladró Re-Cyclos by Committee

London designers Committee have unveiled a new collection for Spanish porcelain brand Lladró, including this series called Evolution of Love.

The figures, part of Lladró's ongoing Re-Cyclos project, are based on figurines from the brand's archive. Evolution of Love features three figurines of lovers that have been partially covered in porcelain flowers.

Here's some info from Lladró:


The British design team Committee, made up by Clare Page and Harry Richardson, has been commissioned with the latest reincarnation of Lladró Re-Cyclos, a project creating new visions of already existing figurines by the porcelain brand. Maison et Objet is the chosen venue for the exclusive presentation of these new designs, in which core Lladró subject matters are reinterpreted in a new language.


Committee pays tribute to the various phases of love with three couples in which the characteristically delicate flowers of Lladró symbolize the evolution of the feelings bringing lovers closer to each other. The designers wish to empower the message of these pieces in a poetic and evocative manner.

The first couple is seen kissing passionately, while their faces and very particularly their eyes are covered with tiny flowers because, as Harry Richardson explains, “the first spark of love can be blinding”. That feeling is also mixed up with the ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding the first encounters between two people.

The next couple of lovers appear intertwined with their heads and shoulders utterly cloaked with even more flowers, signifying their intimacy, complicity and absolute preoccupation with each other. Finally, the figurine closing this series shows the two lovers completely covered by over one thousand flowers, with only their faces visible. This is the most mature phase in the existence of a couple, when the two lovers share the same path through life yet are now conscious of the rest of the world. This is the Lladró figurine containing the greatest number of flowers in the history of the brand, and a true work of art if we consider the number of hours invested in its creative process. Besides, the handmade creation of every flower, petal by petal, makes them all different, thereby turning each one of this pieces into a unique work.

With this celebration of love, Committee has chosen one of the core subject matters of Lladró and has focused its interpretation on flowers, a truly characteristic element in the creations of this porcelain brand, always made by specialized artists.