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Fibre Evolution by Marc Sadler

Stockholm Design Week: French designer Marc Sadler created the Fibre Evolution installation at the Input Interiör showroom in Stockholm earlier this month.

The aim was to show off individual lighting products from Italian manufacturer Foscarini by displaying their potential for combinations in larger spaces.

The installation included lights previously designed by Sadler for Foscarini, including Mite, Kite, and Tite.

The following text is from Foscarini:



Mite, Tite, Kite, Twiggy. From serial products to sculptures

Stockholm, 6th February 2008 - Coinciding with the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Foscarini presents the installation FIBER EVOLUTION created by Marc Sadler at the Input Interiör showroom in Stockholm.

The furniture showroom is home to a number of lighting sculptures constituted by a group of lamps from the Foscarini collection belonging to the Mite, Tite, Kite and Twiggy family. Lamps are stacked on top of one another to create tall towers or grouped and arranged in an unconventional way to obtain large lighting installations.

Each installation reveals the strong character of each lamp composing it and epitomises the eclectic spirit of the whole Foscarini collection, able to create highly suggestive situations even in large settings, especially when the lights are used in composition.

Foscarini lamps provide the interior with a strong character and are able to create scenarios of great emotional pathos.

With FIBER EVOLUTION serial objects become part of the contract world, giving form and expression to Foscarini lamps’ natural attitude to be used in large-scale compositions.

This is the central meaning of the installation, which also interprets the innovative spirit, passion for research, development of new materials and technologies that are the basis of the collaboration between Marc Sadler and Foscarini, which has resulted in a number of successful models including the Mite and Tite lamps - Compasso d’Oro 2001 - and the Twiggy series.