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Tyvek World by Luis Eslava and Diego Ramos

Spanish designers Luis Eslava and Diego Ramos created an installation of objects made of Tyvek for the Casa Pasarela pavilion at the ARCO contemporary art fair in Madrid last month.

Called Tyvek World, the project explored how the synthetic, paper-like material could be applied to furniture and domestic objects.

Here's some info from the designers:


Madrid from 14th-17th February

Coinciding with ARCO (27th International Contemporary Art Fair) and inside the CASA PASARELA Pavilion, Diego Ramos and Luis Eslava showcase “Tyvek World” and installation where explores Tyvek’s properties.

Tyvek is a brand of flash spun high-density polyethylene fibres, a synthetic material; the material is a very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or any other sharp object. It’s Waterproof. Tyvek superficially resembles paper; for example, it can be written and printed on.

Thanks of the combination of different techniques and materials, have been created a collection of objects as lamps, vases, chairs, puffs…

“WRINKLE’S BEAUTY” - Chair made out of expanded foam and tyvek

“CLOUD” - Stool version WRINKLE’S BEAUTY

“GEO_VASE” - Vase made out of geometric patterns glue together with a hot melt adhesive.

“HOHOLE” - The lamp made out of tyvek fibres highlights material luminosity. The random perforation pattern on the lampshade, comes out when you light up the table lamp.