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Pottersfields Park pavilions by DSDHA

Architects DSDHA have created two cafe pavilions at Pottersfield Park in London, England.

Parkside Pavilion (top and above) is a charred structure set beside City Hall while the Blossom Square pavilion located next to Tower Bridge (below) is built of whitened timber.

Photographs © Helene Binet


Here's some text from DSDHA:


DSDHA, morelondon and Amano are pleased to invite you to the launch
party for the newly completed Pottersfields Park Pavilions.

DSDHA were appointed by morelondon to design the two pavilions - one is
to be situated adjacent to City Hall, the other next to Tower Bridge.

As the UK's first charred timber building, Parkside Pavilion has a distinctive
silhouette that offsets the iconic structures that surround it, and continues
DSDHA's research into contemporary forms of urban architecture and public

The new cafe at Blossom Square, on the boundary of the World Heritage
Site and made from whitened timber, will generate income for the community
Trust established to maintain this high profile park owned by Southwark and
designed by Gross Max.