Couture by Marcel Wanders for Graham & Brown

Milan 08: Dutch designer Marcel Wanders will present a new collection of wallpapers for UK brand Graham & Brown in Milan next week.


Patterns in the Couture range are called Suzanne, Alice, Grace, Kelly, Audrey, Isabella, Stella and Henry.


"I love the hard definition of architectural space," reads a statement by Wanders. "I love the naked fragility of the human body. Unfortunately the naked human body cannot live in clean architectural space. We need interiors because architecture is too technically hard and rational to live in. Therefore I love to blur the boundaries between architecture and interior, between walls and furniture, between furniture and fashion.


"As our fashion dresses our bodies, wallpaper dresses our walls. Wallpaper and fashion mediate between our naked bodies and architecture. In this way, architecture and man can live together with the sophisticated illusion of Couture."

Here's some info from Graham & Brown:


Marcel Wanders exclusively for Graham & Brown

Couture: designed by Wanders for Graham & Brown is a collection of eight striking wallpaper designs. Each pattern in the Couture range is named after a glamorous woman, or man, with an inspirational name; Suzanne, Alice, Grace, Kelly, Audrey, Isabella, Stella and Henry.

The colour palette of the Couture range features a strong mix of bold colourways and more subtle shades from vivid oranges and vibrant reds to rich golds and chocolate tones.

Andrew Graham, chief executive of Graham & Brown says: “The Couture Collection is dynamic and inspirational. It reflects our increasing passion and sophistication for pattern on our walls. By working with such visionaries as Marcel Wanders, Graham & Brown continues to lead the way in developing innovative and stylish wallpaper designs
at affordable prices.”


An iconic Marcel Wanders design as an all-over print in both neutral and bold colourings. This contrasts the matt effect of the clay coat background with the lustre of metallics and gloss accents. Co-ordinates with Kelly.


Takes the motif of Grace and incorporates it into a stripe.


Alice (above)

An opulent floral trail inlayed with a pattern fill of the Grace design, that creates a beautiful wall that on closer inspection holds a delicacy and intricacy in its detailing.


Suzanne (above)

An extravagant damask inlayed with a pattern fill detail. Using metallics and glosses, pattern fill and layering Suzanne has a delicate and luxurious finish.


Stella (above)

Stunning yet simple, and beautifully crafted. Comprising a honeycomb layout with an inset, almost regal, motif. Stella, captures the essence of understated style.


Embodying large-scale Celtic motifs against a backdrop of Tartan, Isabella is a trendsetting statement design.


A tone on tone interpretation of an original tartan, designed to complement the Isabella design.


A masculine stripe that is subtle and understated. Using clear glosses to contrast with the matt background and an accent detail inspired by a fine suit.

Graham & Brown, the world’s leading wallpaper company unveils its first collaboration with iconic Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders. Couture is priced at £35, €50, or $75 per roll (10m long x 52cm wide) and is available from or freephone +44 (0) 800 3288452.

Marcel Wanders designs for some of the biggest European contemporary design manufacturers such as B&B Italia, Bisazza, Poliform, Moroso, Boffi and Moooi of which he is also art director and co-owner.