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Animal Tales by Ding3000

Milan 08: German design team ding3000 present a new animal-inspired collection of furniture, lighting and accessories called Animal Tales at Salone Satellite in Milan this week. The collection features a sofa inspired by an Afghan hound, a vase that imitates a baby cuckoo, a floorlight resembling a giraffe and a sideboard based on a mule.

Here's the text from ding3000:



ding3000’s Animal Tales!

The folks from ding3000 thought to themselves: “Mother Nature is still the best designer in the world”. That’s why they started copying her most fascinating creations. Visit ding3000´s petting zoo during the Milano Design Week 2008 and admire floating afghan hounds, shy giraffes, greedy chicks and not-at-all-stubborn mules. (DING3000, SALONE SATELLITE, GANGWAY C, STAND Nº 36)


ding3000’s Animal Tales!

During the Milano Design Week 2008 the german design studio ding3000 will present its new collection themed Animal Tales. It’s a set of furniture, luminaries and accessories all inspired by the animal kingdom.


tazi (above)

Elegant afghan hound – floats swiftly through every living room!

The sofa tazi is inspired by an afghan hound. A curtain of white fringes covers substructure and legs. Only the seat remains visible. Due to this design-trick the sofa seems to ”float” above the floor.

2-seat sofa with 3 cushions

measures: 2040 x 900 x 680 mm

colours: dark magenta, white

materials: legs – solid oak; substructure - birch plywood, moulded cold foam; cover - Kvadrat Hallingdal (100% wool); trimmings - polyester


cuco (above)

Greedy chick – always hungry for fresh flowers!

The cuco vase is a sphere with a beak-shaped opening glazed in copper and taking in the flowers. This design is inspired by the image of a hungry cuckoo chick.

sphere-shaped vase in 2 sizes

measures: 250 x 210 x 210 mm or 200 x 170 x 170 mm

colours: white, copper

materials: china



Shy giraffe –being all bright, it hides in the lampshade!

Characteristic feature of the floor lamp jirafa is the construction of the lamp´s base. The three legs differ in length and are attached to each other following a mathematic algorithm. Despite this technical design principle the lamp has a natural appearance and offers different impressions when looking at it from varying angles. The design is inspired by a giraffe.

three-legged floor lamp

measures: 1520 x 600 x 600 mm

colours: dark cyan, baby blue, copper

materials: shade – pvc-cotton-laminate, lacquered steel frame; base – lacquered steel tubing



Not-at-all-stubborn mule – carries almost everything without a moan!

The sideboard muli is inspired by a mule. The body is made out of solid oak and houses a big drawer and a shed which is accessible from the top. The angled legs leave the impression of the sideboard being „walking”.

sideboard with one shed and one drawer

measures: 1320 x 600 x 420 mm

colours: white, oak

materials: lacquered solid oak, untreated solid oak