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Kelp Objects by Julia Lohmann

Live from Milan: Julia Lohmann has been creating objects from seaweed this week at gallery Nilufar, as part of the Panta Rei exhibition.


Lohmann uses dried kelp from Japan and Ireland, which she soaks, stretches and varnishes and then uses to create lamp shades.


Here's a bit of info from Lohmann:


For Panta Rei, I will set up a kelp-workshop in which I will build objects from this marine plant.


The inspiration to use kelp as a material came through my residency in Sapporo, Japan. Kelp (Konbu in Japanese) is an essential ingredient in many Japanese dishes. It grows up to one metre per day and can be harvested sustainably.


Visitors will be able to follow the whole design process from raw material to finished products.