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My Beautiful Backside by Doshi Levien

Milan 08: Anglo-Indian designers Doshi Levien presented a new divan for Moroso at the Milan furniture fair, which ended yesterday.


Called My Beautiful Backside, the backless divan features a range of different-sized cushions in wool and felt.


Doshi Levien's website has just been redesigned by the lovely people at designjunction, who also happen to be Dezeen's web developers.


Here's some info from Doshi Levien:


'My beautiful backside' is a seating collection launched by Moroso at Salone this year. As a progression from our 'Charpoy' range launched by Moroso last year, we created a divan that draws upon a miniature painting of a maharani sitting on the floor of her palace, surrounded by multiples of pebble shaped cushions.


'My beautiful backside' has no back, but instead a composition of floating cushions in celebratory colours and shapes. We used a combination of wool fabric and felt, reminiscent of fine tailored English suits while the use of gold and silver foiling introduces an opulent and ostentatious Indian character.


On the backsides, we introduced oversize badges [above] for buttons that communicate various messages, jeweling up the seating in the same way you might embellish an item of clothing. Our images don't show the buttons applied as we ran out of time before the show.

We also launched "Principessa", a daybed consisting of many thin mattress layers in gipsy colours, referencing the Hans Christian Anderson tale of Princess and the Pea. The top most layer of our daybed displays a graphic composition of objects scattered as if our princess is preparing for a night out.

This eclectic array of objects ranging from the glamourous to plain utilitarian, including a braun hairdryer, an umbrella, a necklace, a cocktail glass and many others, are woven into a red and gold jacquard fabric. We don't have any pictures of Principessa.