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Welded Stools by Studio Libertiny

Milan 08: Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny exhibited these experimental stools at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan, which are made using welding equipment.


The stools are made by gradually adding drops of stainless steel solder from a welding gun, each one on top of the last.


Libertiny explains: "I was exploring further my methodology of layering matter, slowness and growth. In general, a weld is much tougher than the metal parts which it joins. These objects were done by using a welding gun only as a building tool.Bits of welding solder were added on top of each other one by one."


"The unpredictability and imperfection of the human hand forced branch-like forms to appear and are rather coincidental. The small stool, in contrast to its fragile and feeble look, is surprisingly very strong thus functional."

Photographs by Rene van der Hulst.

The material: Stainless Steel 316 / polished

Dimensions (approx.): the stand 110x40x40 cm, the stool 45x30x30 cm