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Elastic Diamond by Nendo

Elastic Diamond by Nendo

Milan 08: the Elastic Diamond installation in Milan's Zona Tortona last month was created by Japanese designers Nendo for Lexus L-finesse.


The installation included a chair, 'bubble', hanging lamp and pillars, all with structures derived from the crystal structure of a diamond.


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The following information is from Nendo:


Elastic Diamond

The expression of ”new value“ inspired by the crystal structure of diamonds. The installation was designed based on the idea of L-finesse’s “Coexistence of two contrary elements”, using the concept of ‘elastic yet strong’, derived from the crystal structure of a diamond.


nendo discovered a conceptual affinity between Lexus cars, which combine advanced technology and ingenious skills, and the diamond structure, considered the hardest natural material on earth. Just as cutting the diamond creates extreme beauty through applied high-technology, so L-finesse departs from the norms of automotive design and practice to achieve fascinating individuality. The combination of contrary elements, the ‘dynamically hard’ crystal structure and the ‘elastic fragility’ of other materials, creates an ‘elastic yet strong’ existence.


The installation structure created from this idea initially seems to make its presence felt as something that is seen from a distance. However, when closely examined, the structure is porous and transparent; recalling images of clouds or cloud-like objects. Its basic structure is simple and mathematical, yet, the moulding and space created by its flexible sequence constructs a complex profundity of dynamic movement and interaction.


The 2008 Lexus art exhibition, is expressed in the form of a story based on the three elements of L-finesse:

Seamless Anticipation

The first story will begin from the moment the special invitation letters are opened. From then until arrival at the exhibition a feeling of hospitality, expectation and anticipation will theme the approach of these vistors to L-finesse.

Incisive Simplicity

The objects that will be seen in the darkness of the installation are the “diamond bubble”, the floating illuminations, the “diamond chair” and “diamond pillars”. All of these forms are designed to express the coexistence of contrary elements, the concept of “elastic yet strong’, that peacefully harmonises the entire space. However, after a while, visitors will realise that the “diamond bubble” is in a gentle motion, as if it is breathing, and that the light inside the sphere is slowly changing, forming a correlation between them. They will feel the strong energy that is hidden within a space that is at first approach seemingly simple.

Intriguing Elegance

Within the light-emitting walls, the large illusory space is bounded and defined by “diamond pillars”, that as in the previous space (Incisive Simplicity), are formed from the diamond crystal structure.

The black moulded model of the Lexus LF-Xh stands within them. The integration of the space and the sculpturesque model expresses the LF-Xh’s high- dimensional coexistence of contrary elements, and the “energetic dynamism within elegance”.


diamond chair

Made by sintering nylon powder using a laser operated technique called rapid prototyping. The form challenges perceptions by creating a functional “elastic yet strong” structure. nylon / W520 xD250 x H580mm

diamond bubble

A spherical object made by radial alignment of semi-circular polypropylene structures, trimmed into the shape of the crystalline structure of diamonds. An intriguing and life-like integrated light source emits rays which turn from red to blue, just as a flame changes at higher temperatures. Blue is the signature colour of the Lexus hybrid range and this change symbolises how the passion (red) can lead to technical breakthrough - Lexus Hybrid Drive (blue). polypropylene / W1800 x D1800 x H1200mm

diamond hanging lamp

Designed to provide enhanced illuminative transparency and created by using polyvinyl chloride for the bubble-like diamond structure. polyvinyl / S: W300 xD300 x H220mm
M: W500 x D500 x H270mm

diamond pillar

A vertically stretched object created by overlapping semi-circular polypropylene elements, trimmed to the shape of the crystalline structure of diamonds. polypropylene / W900 xD900 x H7000mm

LF-Xh model
This dynamic SUV concept featuring Lexus Hybrid Drive is the latest automotive expression of the Lexus L-finesse design philosophy and is based on the LF-Xh concept car presented at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. This all-black sculpture-like model expresses the perfect combination of advanced environmental technology, plentiful power, outstanding driving performance, quiet operation, high fuel efficiency and low emissions. L4800 x W1895 x H1650mm

For Lexus 2005 marked the introduction of its unique design philosophy - L-finesse. Also Lexus took a major step towards a deeper involvement with the artistic community by staging an exhibition of contemporary art at the Milan Design Week.
From its beginning, Lexus has collaborated with leading independent Japanese artists to explore various alternative ways of expressing L-finesse. And, for 2008, this fourth exhibition further extends this tradition of combining Lexus values with leading edge Japanese contemporary art and design.

Suitably housed in the Museo della Permanente art gallery, the theme “elastic diamond” has been developed in collaboration with the award-winning design company nendo lead by Oki Sato.

A dynamic installation of light, forms and space has been specifically created to convey the feeling of L-finesse. The exhibition includes a moulded model of the Lexus LF-Xh concept car from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, and uniquely formed diamond chairs. The result is a vibrant exploration of the perceptual contradictions of hard crystalline forms interacting with tactile and elastic materials.