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Jet Set by Jaime Hayón

Milan 08: here are photos of Jaime Hayón's Jet Set installation for Bisazza at Superstudio Più in Milan's Zona Tortona last month.


See our previous story for more images and information from Bisazza.


Here's some text from Hayón:


I loved the idea of having the opportunity to create a humorous and more sophisticated version of such a serious and functional object: a plane.


The piece has a very charming integrated shape using crystal for the cabin and leather in the wings. With colorful weapons and love symbols this is a fun plane, set in the hangar of glamour. It is made of fiber and silver mosaic, which gives a luxurious and surreal effect to the object.


Black and white lines in the floor in Bisazza glass tiles create speed and movement. Reminiscing an old Hollywood scene, a very theatrical installation atmosphere will be created by the spotlights. A circular couch is the central element of the plane's body.

I can imagine this object flying out a couple of lovers drinking champagne to deliver energy and good vibes across their journey. Jet set is a living room plane; an art object in a fantasy installation that shows the potential use of the Bisazza materials.