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Absent Nature by Arik Levy

Designer Arik Levy exhibited new work at the Wright20 gallery in Chicago last month.


The exhibition included Fractal Cloud (above), made from more than one thousand light tubes, and Log series (below) made from blackened wood, polished steel and stainless steel mesh.


Watch a video of Levy talking about the exhibition here.

Here's some more information from Wright20:


Absent Nature
Arik Levy at Wright

Israel-born designer and sculptor Arik Levy, now based in Paris, presents work inspired by natural forms in Absent nature, an exhibit of strikingly creative projects in lighting and furniture.


This show marks the international premier of Levy’s Log series. The Log forms will be produced in a limited edition from blackened wood, mirror polished stainless steel and stainless steel mesh. These immediately iconic pieces create emphasis with an impression of weight and a raw power derived from forms taken from the natural world. The concept for the Log forms finds precedence in his highly successful past work.


About them Levy writes, “These pieces are an evolution of Rock that also engages the absence of the parts that are removed. Light is also key – imposing the reflection of images and refracted light invisible to our eye when looking in a fixed direction. Every facet of these elements represents the absence of nature and the work appears as if from an alternative civilisation.” In steel or wood, these fourteen works impart a silent authority and a dramatic command of space.


Also on exhibit will be three of Levy’s Fractal Cloud lights, each of which is a unique work. Each lamp is a sharp and spirited form of electric energy, with one very large Fractal Cloud light emitting white light and two smaller designs emitting coloured light.


Levy observes: “In the shadow of the Fractal Cloud light an enormous hexagonal ring of powerful light has been created from over one thousand light tubes woven onto another to become a single light-emitting textile projecting two small ricochets, one in colour and one in warmer white light."