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Dezeen promotion: here’s the third of our collaborations with Gestalten, highlighting their series of podcast interviews with leading designers. This week’s video interviews, recorded in Milan last month, are with Dutch designers Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk (above); and Maarten Baas.

The interview with van Eijk and van Bleiswijk, recorded at their reCollections exhibition at Via Voghera in Milan, features the couple talking about their new collections, which are inspired by both the past and by their own personal thoughts (see Dezeen's earlier story about the ReCollections show).


Van Bleiswick presented his No Screw No Glue (above) and Compose collections of large-scale objects including lanterns, trophies, serving trays and wall cabinets made of flat polished stainless steel plates that slot together.


Van Eijk's work (above) ranged from wooden cabinets and chaise lounges to ceramic teapots and bookshelves all featuring traditional patterns inspired by embossed emblems. View the video interview with van Eijk and van Bleiswijk »


The interview with Maarten Baas features the Dutch designer at his show, held in a car repair garage on Via Voghera in Milan last month (see Dezeen's earlier story about this show).


In the interview, Baas talks about projects including his new work for Established & Sons (above), his collection for Contrasts Gallery (below), and earlier work including his Smoke and Clay collections. View the video interview with Maarten Baas »


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