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Nu-Balearica mix album artwork by Airside

Fred Deakin of design agency Airside has created the packaging for a compilation album he has mixed for music label Ministry of Sound.


Deakin, who is also one half of electronica band Lemon Jelly, mixed the just-released Nu-Balearica album.


"Fred (who runs the legendary Airside Design Studios), has created the stunning artwork himself with the finished packaging set to be rather special," says the Ministry of Sound website, "coming in two card wallets that fold together into a reverse board card slipcase – it is as fine to touch as the music on the album.


Here's some info from Airside:


Packaging design for Fred Deakin/Ministry of Sound Nu-Balearica mix album


The second Fred Deakin mix album is a smoother affair than its predecessor (The Triptych), and consequently a more playful and flowing aesthetic was required.

Using colours from nature along with gradients from sky and sea to evoke the elements of island life, a trademark tessellation was generated then applied to a series of cardboard gatefold elements that echo the vinyl culture, which spawned the music on the album.

Joyful and summery, abstract and meditative, these rhythmical images reflect the sights and sounds of the nu-balearic genre perfectly.

Client: Fred Deakin / Ministry Of Sound
Media: CD Packaging
Release date: June 2008
Design by Airside