Iga by Damian Kozlik

Self-confessed Polish "novice designer" Damian Kozlik has sent us renderings of Iga, a proposed polypropylene chair that has storage spaces in its arms.


"I live in Wroclaw (POLAND)," Kozlik writes. "I'm novice designer. I'd like to present my recent project on your website."


"I called it Iga. It is not currently produced. There are open spaces in the arms of the chair which make storage possible. It can be made of polypropylene. I created this project inspired by the shape of the origami swan."


"It's a part of the bigger collection. There is also similar design, named "Koga". It's made of the same components, but in the different configuration. Table "Kobe" is the last part of the collection. It can be made of the same material."