Reddress by Company

Aamu Song of Finnish designers Company presented their Reddress performance project in Berlin during the DMY Berlin festival in May.


The project, which has previously been presented in Norway and Denmark, features a giant elevated dress worn by a singer or entertainer and surrounded by a 20m skirt with fabric pockets in which an audience of up to 238 people snuggle.


The dress hosted a series of concerts and storytelling events in the St. Elizabeth Church in Berlin.


Photos by Bernhard Ludewig.


Here's some info from Company:


REDDRESS in Designmai, Berlin May 2008. Place St. Elizabeth Church.


design Aamu Song

550 meters of fabric

238 people in audience

20 meters in diameter

3 meters in height

1 singer


REDDRESS info (by Kristi Cameron, Metropolis magazine 2005)
In an effort to bridge the distance between performer and viewer, Song developed a 3 meter high dress with a flowing skirt 20 meters in diameter that carves out a three-dimensional performance space. Comprised of laminated layers of wool, felt, foam, and velour held together by 12 kilometers of thread. the folds of the dress become a large blanket that provides seats for 238 viewers.


During the performance, the bodice of the dress rotates so the singer becomes visible to all members of the audience. Song handmade the dress with the of a technical designer, Tuomo Järvimäki, and a professional dressmaker, Sari Manner, during a production process that took four months.