Distilled Nature by BCXSY

Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto of Eindhoven-based design studio BCXSY have created a collection of vases to support cut flowers once they have dried out.


Made from wire mesh and coated in rubber, the vases are part of a series of work entitled Forever.


"We've noticed that we always keep flowers long after they've dried out," explain the designers. "However, when they reach this stage they don't look nice in a normal vase any more and even start to smell.


"What we've created is a supportive skeleton-like centerpiece which lets the flowers' beauty last forever."


Photographs by Sheri Avraham.


Here's some text about the project, written by Salem van der Swaagh:


How long is an eternity? How does one quantify the unquantifiable? What is the span of one day compared with endless time and space?


BCXSY is pleased to present FOREVER! – a collection of uniquely individual and materially rich products that explores how the function, aesthetics, and emotions of design can help to define the indefinable.


In an era of mass production and haste, BCXSY slows down and takes a closer look at what it means to last FOREVER!


DESTILLED NATURE – A Vase for Dead Flowers
The beauty of a flower does not die when its petals have wilted and its leaves have begun to wither.


When water no longer sustains cut flowers, the ghost-like silhouette of DESTILLED NATURE creates a unique centerpiece for faded beauty.


Delicately hand-crafted from rubber-coated wire mesh, DESTILLED NATURE asks the question, “Can beauty last forever?”